Chain 4 Social Marketing


#CH4SM // The Chain for Social Media // Start with Social Marketing



  • Pokemon Go“ for Blockchain
    • Combining virtual world with real world (including location data and exchange or physical items)
    • Gaming experience
    • Networking & socializing
  • New way of product placement
    • Product and information placement via „gamification
    • Loyality programm e.g. via crypto currencies
  • Secure and anonymous marketing platform
    • Identities and transactions blockchain secured
    • Data integrity, tracability and storage through blockchain




  • User Interaction via mobile application (iOS) and web page
  • Low Code Backend Architecture based on AWS
  • Securing transactions and identities via Cryptowerk
  • Storing data decentral via hashstax











User Experience on Mobile Phone

ios demo


Regular Flow

  1. Alice open the app and scans the first item
  2. The question/quest shows up
  3. She solves the quest and get her points
  4. Alice give Bob the bottle.
  5. Bob scans the bottle

    -> Alice gets points


Alice scans a not released bottle -> Error with hint,
someone else has to solve quest -> "Do you want to help?"

Alice scans a not registerd bottle
-> Hint code is not register: do you want to invite Manifacture?

Alice scans  a "pre-scaned" bottle
-> Hint: "You have soled this quest


Approaches for Business Models

  • B2C approach
    • Option: initial price for downloading app
    • Option: in-app purchase
  • B2B approach
    • Product placement fees
    • Big Data (e.g. range measurement)